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FCB&theMilkman wins Communication & Design of The Year 2022

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We are part of the FCB network, one of the most creative and meaningful advertising networks in the world. We unite talents, knowledge and technology to create ideas that are never finished, ideas that drive change, trigger business in short term and build brands over time.

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Working closely with Sustainable Brands Poland we partner with brands to shift behaviors towards sustainable life and redefine the “Good Life” meaning for the modern consumer. Supporting Sustainable Brands 'Brands for Good' movement, we help brands to be a force of growth and a force for good.


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We are

Humans fueled with data, trends and new technologies. And years of experience to know that data is brainless and technology has no soul. That’s why we put human perspective first in everything we do.

Jan Zagrodzki

Managing Director

Believes in analytical, data-driven thinking to diagnose a problem and creative thinking to solve it, even when it seemingly can't. Such ideas can drive change for the better.

Tom Pawlikowski


Reads books starting from the last page. This insatiable curiosity of what’s next explains 30 years of successes as CEO of international advertising networks.

Maria Gościniak

Creative Director

The main principles that guide my life are the principles of composition. For her, the basis of a successful campaign is understanding the product and a partnership within the team. He believes that in marketing communication it is better to meet the consumer in his natural environment than to convince him to change.

Marta Marciniak - Płomińska

Creative Director

He believes that the best ideas can be told in one sentence. Very often, they do not result from the number of watched campaigns awarded in competitions, but from the broadly understood need to empirically explore the world and transform it into a functional form for the recipient.

Daniel Białoszewski

Business & Communication Manager

He believes that relationships in business come with time. Its foundation is the client trust, which is come within knowledge of his environment, needs and problems - those faced not only by the organization, but also by the people behind it.

Marta Krawczyk

Account Manager

She believes that in marketing it is worth to focus on real emotions and experiences, because they bring people closer to each other and create the best stories.

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