Iskial encourages you to take care of your immunity. New USP Health campaign.

FCB&theMilkman and the Iskial dietary supplement brand, owned by USP Zdrowie, have launched a new autumn campaign, the main goal of which is to draw attention to taking care of immunity in the autumn-winter season.

- We want to change consumer behavior - it is in our FCB DNA. That's why we decided to show that by taking care of our immunity every day, we don't have to give up outdoor activities. We decided to show everyday situations from life in rainy weather. We sprinkled everything with light humor and showed a nice family relationship - says Jan Zagrodzki, managing director of the FCB&theMilkman agency.

- We know that supporting immunity is very important - it is an investment in the well-being of the entire family. The Iskial brand offers proven and safe solutions, and in the advertising we show that thanks to good immunity, we can spend time together with joy and smiles as we want - emphasizes Agata Grodzka, brand manager of the Iskial brand.

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